Social Media followers:

9,6 M


2,8 M


2 M


580 K


70 K


15 M

in total

The TV show’s Social Media official accounts, with almost 15 million followers, and the video platform, with more than 4,3 billion views, give great visibility to the contestants of the Spanish adaptation of the internationally successful talent show, projecting them worldwide.

Not only Spain enjoys the stars of the TV show, but also audiences from countries such as the United States, Mexico and Argentina enjoy the impeccable acts performed by the artists in front of the jury.

This is evidenced by the impressive following of the show’s official channels, which is not only the most followed among the Spanish-speaking adaptations of the format, but also the most viewed along with the U.S. and British versions of the talent show.

The impact of “Spain’s Got Talent” has also led artists such as Cristina Ramos and Celia Muñoz, winners of the show, to conquer audiences outside our borders. Both have had the opportunity to leave Simon Cowell himself speechless in “America’s Got Talent” or “Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions”.

The most viewed video on YouTube accumulates more than 63 M views.

82 videos with more than 10 M views on YouTube.

The most viewed Facebook video accumulates almost 100 M views.

The TOP 10 most viewed Facebook videos accumulate 230 M video views.

The most viewed Instagram Reels accumulates 36,7 M views.

The most viewed TikTok video accumulates more than 52 M views.

The TOP 10 most viewed TikTok videos accumulate 125 M views